Top Conferences for Developers not to be Missed

Being successful in the world of developing and programming involves staying on the toes in the field you specialize in and be versed in the latest innovative trends. So networking and collaborating with the peers in the industry is a must. The best way to learn about what's new in technology and programming is to attend various events and conferences that are held around the world. Here is out pick of the top developer and programmer events and conferences that offer ideas from the most forward-thinking creative minds in the area, hands-on seminars and unique opportunities to escape from the everyday routine and have a little fun.

1.All Your Base
Oxford, UK
This is a unique conference for developers, as it is the only database conference of such high level in the UK. It used to be sponsored by GetClouder, MySQL, Mozilla, and Platinum sponsor DataStax. The list of speakers from October 2014 was more than impressive: Yodit Stanton, founder of OpenSensors.IO; Jeni Tennison, technical director at Open Data Institute; Ian Plosker, co-founder and CTO of; and others.
Cost to Attend:
Standard: £220
Student ticket: £83.33


2. DeveloperWeek Conference + Festival 2015
San Francisco, CA
New Developer Technology
DeveloperWeek Conference + Festival is the largest tech event in San Francisco, hosting over 60 events within a single week. The program of the festival is rather busy and features the DeveloperWeek 2015 Conference & Expo, LearnToCode Camp, DevOps Summit, WebRTC Summit, 1000+ attendee hackathon, 1000+ attendee tech hiring mixer, and more. DeveloperWeek focuses on the latest development technologies, so participants are encouraged to get introductory lessons, or advanced master classes on HTML 5, WebRTC, Full-Stack Javascript Development, and more.
Cost to Attend:
PRO Pass (EXTREMELY EARLY) – thru Oct. 17: $200
PRO Pass (EARLY) – thru Dec. 5: $350
PRO Pass – thru Feb. 11: $550
Hackathon+ Pass ONLY – Designers/Developers – thru Feb. 7: $20
Expo+ Pass ONLY – thru Feb. 12: $25
DevOps Summit Pass ONLY – thru Feb. 12: $100


3. PyCon Ukraine
Python Programming Language
This independent not-for-profit conference zeroes in the Python programming language. Community-held, PyCon provides talks, hands-on sessions, tutorials, demos, and other training devoted to the Python language, such as Python applications, toolkits and frameworks, and related subjects. PyCon is organized by the Kyiv Python User Group and is usually held during the fall months.

4. Redefine Design Conference
Budapest, Hungary
Innovative Design/Prezi
The Redefine Design Conference is a non-profit conference sponsored by Microsoft Azure, SAP, and Distinetion that gathers a number of design professionals to discuss issues concerning creating a more conscious design ethos for current generation. The conference is organized by Prezi, Redefine.
Cost to Attend:
Regular ticket: $250
Duo tickets (2 person for only $285): $142.50
Regular ticket + The Prezi Experience workshop: $500
Prezi Experience Workshop only: $250
Students at Redefine conference: $60

5. SassConf
New York City, NY
Modern Front-End Development
The Sass Conference invites cutting-edge developers and designers who specialize in Saas and are enthusiastic about contributing to building a better, more appealing web. 2014 SassConf was sponsored by Hoefler & Co., OddBird, MakerSquare, Salesforce, and Gold-level underwriters IBM. The conference program included workshops, discussions, and code + community events.

6. Build Right Workshops
Year-Round Events
Worldwide Best Practices
A division of Sparkbox, Build Right organizes workshops on constructing responsively, using advanced tools, and collaboration. The workshops conducted by the Sparkbox team focus on the best practices, provide relevant examples, and educate about recent developments in the field. The main speakers of the workshops are Ben Callahan and Jeremy Loyd who host the events all over the world.

7. HTML5Devconf
JavaScript and HTML5
To enhance your knowledge and share experience in developing JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js, and other cross-platform web, mobile, and server technologies consider attending HTML5Devconf that is scheduled to take place in the fall. With a focus on trend-setting technical aspects and advanced training HTML5Devconf is known as the largest independent event for the prominent technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world. HTML5Devconf has a busy conference schedule over the course of a few days, complete with speaking and training sessions.
Cost to Attend:
Regular Bird Conference Ticket: $119 + $7.54 Fee
Regular Bird Conference + 1 Day Training: $284 + $16.61 Fee
Regular Bird Conference + Lunch: $299 + $17.44 Fee
Regular Bird Conference + 1 Day Training + Lunch: $464 + $23.87 Fee
Training Only for a la carte or additional Training: $165 + $10.07 Fee
Booth Party! Shared 10’ x 10’ Booth on Expo Floor: $350 + $20.24 Fee


8. Velocity
Year-Round Events
Websites and Services
Driven by the mission to help create a faster, stronger web, the Velocity conferences from O'Reilly are considered the most informative ones and usually boast a large number of participants. They are sponsored by Intuit, HP, New Relic, Limelight,, and other companies.
Cost to Attend:
Velocity Europe 2014 Pricing – Standard Price Oct. 3 – Nov. 16, 2014
All-Access Pass: 1299 €
3-Day Pass: 999 €
2-Day Pass: 779 €
1-Day Pass: 419 €
Velocity Europe 2014 Pricing – On-Site Price Nov. 17-19
All-Access Pass: 1399 €
3-Day Pass: 1099 €
2-Day Pass: 879 €
1-Day Pass: 519 €


9. Innovation Uncensored
San Francisco, CA
Modern Business and Technology
Innovation Uncensored conference targets anyone specializing in running a business, including executives, inventors, designers, marketers, visionaries, and other creative minds working in this area. The event zeroes in the discussion about the power of innovation and disruption in business.
Cost to Attend:
Conference VIP Pass: $875
Full Conference Pass: $675
Sessions Only Pass: $575


10. Techweek
Year-Round Events
New York City, NY/Miami, FL/Los Angeles, CA/Chicago, IL/Detroit, MI Technology
The leading technology conference and festival in the country, Techweek invites the top minds in technology industry, leaders and innovators to showcase local innovation. During 5 days of the event, participants take part in numerous activities, such as a 2-day conference and technology expo, the LAUNCH startup competition, FashionTECH Runway Show, Techweek GT Office tours. Music, film, and food festivals provide the right doze of entertainment as well.
Cost to Attend:
Expo Pass: $90
Summit Pass: $495
Black Pass: $2500