People Lab from Nordstrom Technology

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Nordstrom Technology features a small team of researchers and designers committed to introducing data-driven, human-centered practices and programs to the daily activities of the company. The Nordstrom Technology People Lab uses data to analyze the effectiveness of information and communication methods within the teams as well as to improve employee experiences in the effort to build trust at the workplace and foster a positive working environment that will lead to delivering top-notch customer service and experiences.

This approach has been designed to drive continuous improvement of employee engagement and productivity, as well as attract and retain highly qualified employees. A number of programs have been created that effectively monitor behavior change, culture and employee development. Nordstrom believes that by delivering amazing employee experiences the staff will deliver amazing customer experiences as well. And the objective of the Nordstrom People Lab is to facilitate the development of its employees by encouraging their engagement and productivity, which will lead to better customer service in the long run.

Currently the Nordstrom People Lab runs the following programs:
Innovation Bootcamp. This is an extensive immersive two-day program in design thinking methods held twice a year that teaches the staff how to use new innovation methodologies to learn faster and generate creative and off-beat ways to approach and solve problems. Each Bootcamp has a company-specific theme and is open to all salaried Nordstrom employees. The company also has a practice of inviting up to 10 people from other companies who would bring a fresh approach to the topic. Participants learn to connect and get along with their peers in Nordstrom, build their own innovative methods of working, develop creativity as well as other necessary skills through empathy interviewing, brainstorming, and prototyping.

Trailblazers. This four-month program focuses on new methods and tools used to build creative confidence and become an adaptive change leader.

21st Century Leadership. The program consists of 7 classes that help Nordstrom employees develop the skills necessary for 21st century leaders, such as empowerment, empathy, collaboration, and innovation.

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