Lego Introduces Coding and Robotics into New Educational Program for Kids

Lego Robots Omegahat

At CES 2016, Lego Education announced the launch of Wedo 2.0, the upgraded program which uses Legos, real world projects and software to educate 2nd to 4th grade students about science and technology. The new Wedo program features a number of updates which include a variety of tools designed for documentation and sharing. Also it is characterized by compatibility with a wider range of platforms and a move from USB to BLE connected robots.
Both hardware and software used in the Wedo program provides students with over 40 hours of hands-on learning. The software with a drag-and-drop graphical UI is used to teach basic programming concepts. Students have a chance to construct Lego robots that are connected and controlled by the Wedo 2.0 programming app via Bluetooth. For example, in "Mini Milo" students are required to create a programmable space rover and at the same time they gain knowledge about space rovers and ways they are used.
Wedo 2.0 is licensed to schools. Lego has designed this new program for kids in its efforts to inspire kids' creativity and curiosity and foster an interest in science and technology.

There is also a variety of DIY electronics and programming kits for children designed to inspire a passion in technology and teach basic programming skills while kids have fun creating animations and interactive projects.