The RDCOMClient Package

Using the RDCOMClient package (Version 0.93-0) you will be able to get non-compiled access to COM objects from within R. Due to this package R can act as a COM client as well as use various methods and access properties in any COM object that supports the IDispatch interface. It provides access and enables to control a number of applications, including Power Point, Excel, Word, Web browsers, etc.

The RDCOMClient provides facilities that are rather easy to use. In terms of functionality and spirit it has much in common with facilities provided in Python and Perl. What makes this package unique is that it provides the facilities in R. It ensures access to methods and properties for arbitrary COM objects that implement the IDispatch interface.

The SWinTypeLibs package enables the user to create a version working from IDL or Type libraries as well as make a "compiled" or non-dynamic interface to a specific COM class.

Using the RDCOMServer package you will be able to make COM server objects from scratch within R. This package differs from the existing RCOM server which is used for exporting fixed and specific functions. It ensures the control of R itself and also exposes the interpreter and S language.

Both the RDCOMServer and RDCOMClient packages are used for handling arbitrary objects in COM calls. To ensure this arbitrary R objects should be passed as arguments to COM methods. So regular COM objects need to be created from these R objects. The RDCOMServer is used to do this making the model complete.

There exist a source version and a binary version of the package. Installation of the binary version is similar to any other R package for Windows. To build the package from source, consider using the usual R CMD INSTALL RDCOMClient command as these R utilities work on Windows.